Construction Safety Nets In Hyderabad


Growth of real estate sector in INDIA driven by great demand for housing and rapid urbanisation has resulted in several constructions across the country in great numbers. While it is a positive factor on one count, it is also a danger on other count, for one out of every ten constructions workers today are getting injured on the job every year, with accidental fallings as the leading cause of construction accidents, resulting in injuries and even fatalities. Then there is always the danger of falling from under-construction sites.

This is where Construction Safety Nets In Hyderabad a vital necessity.

We offer sturdy construction safety nets made of high-quality nylon mesh materials that are recognised for their high tenacity. When combined with rope, they help prevent accidental falling of construction debris or objects which can otherwise seriously injure people and also badly damage property.

Tough and strong, our construction safety nets incorporate UV coating which comes with a strong and flame-retardant protection for added safety, allowing them to withstand elements outdoors. In addition, they are also extremely dependable that can be installed vertically or at a flat-level, to protect workers and even general public from accidental falling of construction objects or debris

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