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It’s impossible for anyone to predict when things will take a sudden turn for the worse. In industrial factories or manufacturing units, there is always the danger of an accidental fall or sudden injury. Often a fall from a height can lead to serious injury and in some cases, death, and such risks of falling are always there.

This is where Industrial Safety Nets In Hyderabad can be a useful safety source, We offer high-class Industrial Safety Nets made with PP / Nylon ropes as per ISI standard, in knotted meshes to arrest the impact of a fall situation effectively. They when installed below a high-level work-area, can reduce the distance that a worker can fall, and also reduce the impact of the fall, and above all, offer a soft landing source to reduce the likelihood of a worker getting injured.

Made from high-strength polypropylene ropes, our Industrial Safety Nets available in varied sizes:

  • Provides passive protection from accidental falls, while allowing workers to work at height without their movements being restricted.
  • Can withstand any kind of load strengths
  • Offers special knotting of meshes that can absorb and minimise any impact-related injury on a worker
  • Can deflect and absorb the forced energy of a fall, reducing the likelihood of a industrial worker being injured
  • Be installed below a high-level work area thus reducing the distance, a industrial employee can fall

To get the maximum out of our Industrial Safety Nets, there should be sufficient clear space so that people can work at height without getting restricted in their movements, or prevent fallen workers from striking an obstacle or the ground.

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